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cold water and hot water models available

Monitoring of hot water for batch controlling  or continuous processes, physical plant maintenance and monitoring hot water usage and consumption, condensate return analysis (for heat usage), submetering apartments, condominiums, shopping centers and office complexes.
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At the lowest flow rates (¼ to 22 gpm) and pipe diameter (¾”) is the Model S130 inferential meter, of the single jet design. Model M150, a multi-jet design meter, is available in sizes 1 and 1 ½” NPT inlet and outlet, for flows from 1/3 to 31 gpm and 7/8 to 88 gpm, respectively. Both the S130 and M150 are brass case meters suitable for measuring water up to 195º F and services up to 150 psi, and both can be equipped to provide dry contact reed switch output of 1 contact per gallon (or per 10 liters).

Brass case/brass top plate Model M190, multi-jet inferential meters are provided in sizes 1 and 1 ½”, for flows from ½ to 31 gpm and 7/8 to 88 gpm, respectively, in services with pressure up to 230 psi and 266ºF. An externally powered pulser insert is available to provide a dry contact reed switch output of 1 contact per gallon (or per 10 liters).

Model H4300 is a Woltman design horizontal impeller, with only two moving parts, the impeller and magnet. The H4300, in sizes 2” to 6” that operate with low flow accuracy ± 3% and accuracy ± 1% up to peak flow, is recommended for measurement up to 250º F and pressure up to 230 psi. Either a reed switch element or opto-electronic pulse transmitter can be selected for the H4300.

Model H4400, can be installed in services where water temperature can reach 350º F and pressures are up to 195 psi, 250 º F where pressure reaches 230 psi. Available in sizes 2”, 3” and 4” Model H4400 offers improved low flow performance ± 2%. Two externally powered pulser models are available for the H4400, a reed switch pulser for output of 1 contact per 10 gallons or per 100 USG and an inductive (Namur) pulser for higher resolution, 3.785 contacts per 1 USG.

Hot Water Models Available In:

Single-Jet 3/4" (Model S130)

Multi-Jet 1" And 1-1/2"(Models M150 and M190)

Turbine 2",3",4" AND 6" (Models H4300 and H4400)

Straight Reading and with Pulsers

Temperatures to 350 degrees F

Pressures to 230 psi

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