Z-Plate AWWA Strainers 
Bronze and Galvanized Plate Steel
Oval and Round Flanged Ends
Sizes 1 1/2" - 12" 

The strainer is a vertical Z-plate designed to protect cold water meters from the damaging effects of debris and foreign matter. The strainer improves the velocity profile of the water being metered and minimizes the effects of velocity distortion caused by upstream valves and fittings. Consequently, the meter's accuracy is maximized by the elimination of debris and turbulence. 

Compliance to Standards.

The Z-plate strainer complies with all material and design requirements of the American Water Works Association Standards C701 and C702 as most recently revised. 


The strainer should be installed immediately upstream from the meter it is protecting. It is preferable that the strainer is installed with the removable top plate vertically accessible for underpressure flushing and maintenance. 


The Strainer is recommended for use with the T-3000 and C-3000 meters. Its application ahead of these meters will maximize revenue and extend the life of the measuring element. The strainer for use with POTABLE COLD WATER up to 120F (50C) and working pressures up to 150 psi. Working pressure tests are made before shipment. No adjustments are needed to be made before installation. 


Size  1 1/2" - 2" 3"  4" - 8"  10" - 12" 
Number of Flange Bolt Holes  12 
Number of Top Plate Bolts  8* 20*
Optional Drain Plug Inches  1/2 3/4  3/4 
Operating Pressure psi  150 150  150  150 
Operating Temperature (F)  120  120  120 120 
Strainer Type 

Z Plate with top plate flushing feature 

Strainer Performance 

Protects turbine and compound meters from debris and cancels effects of velocity distortion. 

Removable Drain Plug 

Optional for draining only. 

1/2" - 6" Main Case  Bronze 
1/2" - 6" Top Plate  Bronze 
8" - 12" Main Case  Galvanized Plate Steel
1/2" - 6" Top Plate  Galvanized Plate Steel 
Strainer Plate  304 Stainless Steel 
Top Plate Gasket  Rubber 
Top Plate Bolts  Stainless Steel 
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