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Viking Automatic Fire Sprinkler Heads & Sprinkler Headguards
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The Micromatic Fire Sprinkler Head was designed with safety in mind. The micromatic has a time proven GLASS BULB operating mechanism. This designs affords a very accurate temperature sensing system that breaks at a prescise temperature and released the water to extinguish the fire. There are no o-rings to swell, stick or otherwise occlude the flow. This precise  range enables the engineer, architect or owner to select the proper head form a wide range of available bulbs from 135 degree F to 500 degree F. The Microfast head comes in all the standard designs: upright, pendant, sidewall styles in wet, concealed or dry models for industrial and residential applications. Many colors are available is well to match the decor for office, restaurant and residential uses. Also available in stainless steel body for corrosive environments or FDA requirements for the food industry. Wax coated, teflon and polyester are avilable as well. There are residential, quick response commercial and extended coverage models. Just let us know you application and I am sure we have a sprinkler head to suit it.
  Micromatic Sprinkler Heads Link
  Microfast Sprinkler Heads Link(Includes Residential Heads)
  Mirage Concealed Sprinkler Heads Link
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Victaulic Style Grooved fittings are widely used in fire sprinkler applications for 2-1/2" and up pipe sizes. All styles are available to join, reduce, flange, tap, make ells in 22-1/2,45 and  90 degree. This design enables a flexible or rigid joint as selected and a joint that is easily disassembled in the future for repairs or changes. This type of end is available as well on all types of fire sprinkler valves. 

 Flanged fittings are widely used in fire sprinkler applications for 2-1/2" and up pipe sizes. All styles are available to join, reduce, flange, tap, make ells in 11-1/4, 22-1/2,45 and  90 degree.This design enables a  rigid joint and a joint that is easily disassembled in the future for repairs or changes. This type of end is available as well on all types of fire sprinkler and industrial valves. Threaded joints are generally used up to 2" pipe size.

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These gate valves are normally provided with flanged ends             CHECK VALVE UL/FM

Available with flanged or
mechanical joint ends
(for underground applications)       Link to Grooved Butterfly Valves  Link to Wafer Type Butterfly Valves

ALARM VALVES The Viking Model J Alarm Check Valve is the only one of its kind made of ductile iron - a material with higher thermal shock resistance and almost twice the strength-to-weight ratio of cast or gray iron. The Model J also provides unsurpassed versatility - it can be mounted horizontally or vertically, and is available in flange/flange, flange/groove, and groove/groove models.

  DELUGE VALVES The Viking Deluge Valve is a quick-opening valve with only one moving part. It is more resistant to false-trippings than latch-type valves, and can be reset automatically without opening the valve. The Viking Flow Control Valve, a variation of the Deluge Valve, allows smooth closing without water hammer, and may be used to facilitate manual or automatic on/off control. Special pressure regulation and speed control trim is also available to control down stream pressures and to minimize the potential for water hammer.

DRY VALVESThe F-1 Dry Pipe Valve is designed with the traditional labor saving features of the E-1, enhanced by the redesign of the accelerator/anti-flood trim to provide for the most cost effective dry valve package available to the fire sprinkler industry. The F-1 ductile iron body design has allowed Viking to reduce the size and weight without sacrificing its unique labor saving benefits. The standard trim package incorporates fewer components and its physical dimensions are the smallest of any dry valve available. This enables the valve and trim assembly to be installed using less space and time; saving labor on each installation

              .                   .                 .Viking's ductile iron Easy Riser"tm" check valve is easily installed and maintained. It can be used with a waterflow indicator and electric alarm in systems that don't require a mechanical alarm. The Easy Riser serves as an economical check valve in Viking Pre-Action and Firecycle systems, and is available in flange/flange, flange/groove, and groove/groove models

  AIR COMPRESSORS The Viking Maintenance Air Compressor is used to automatically maintain the air pressure in any size dry system after the system has been filled from a plant air supply. It can be used as a basic air supply for systems of 150 gallon capacity or smaller. Since the Viking Maintenance Air Compressor is riser-mounted, it doesn't require floor space and, thanks to its sealed compressor unit and oil-less electric motor, it doesn't require maintenance. It includes a factory mounted air supervisory switch and trim piping.

                    .                                             .With its corrosion-resistant construction, adjustable pressure, and replacement air filter, the Viking Air Pressure Maintenance Device is easily serviced and provides a dependable way to maintain air pressure

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  . 856 OS&Y DCDA         .             876V OS&Y DCDA         .800 DETECTOR CHECK

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