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Drilling Machines 

The DM1000 and DM2000 drilling machines drill through the pipe wall via the corporation stop inserted into the service saddles while under pressure. They use the Reed D series drills, or hole saws with the aid of a hole saw adapter. The DMBASE machine consists of the base unit which allows the customer to purchase separately individual corp adapters, drill or hole saw adapters, along with necessary drills or hole saws. With shell cutters and necessary adapters, these units can also be used on C-900 PVC pipe.

D Series Drill Bits 

Drill bits are designed for use with Reed drilling machines and Mueller® E5/D5 only; both of which are used with saddles. These spirals are made from strong, high speed steel, are heat treated for longer life, are black oxide coated for corrosion resistance, and are much easier cutting than other drills as spiral motion clears chips away from cut. Recommended for cast iron ductile iron, including cement-lined ductile iron.

Carbide-Tipped Hole Saws 

Carbide tipped hole saws are used with a hole saw adapter for Reed DM2000, Mueller D® series and Ford #77® machines. Black oxide coated for corrosion resistance. Recommended for cast iron and ductile iron, including cement-lining ductile iron.

PVC Shell Cutters 

Shells drill through service saddles on PVC only. For use with Reed's DMPVC and Drilling Machines. They also fit Ford® and Mueller D® Machines.

Combination Drilling / Tapping Machines* 

Reed's combination drilling and tapping machines are easier to use, save operating time, and are better value than any other machine. The CDTM Machines are tapping machines with the necessary components for conversion to drilling machines. The CDTM1000 is a TM1000 with the components for converting to a DM1000. The CDTM2000 is a TM1000 with the components for converting to a DM2000. It utilizes Reed DT series drill taps and Reed D series drill bits, hole saws and PVC shell cutters.