Clamp and Coupling Products

Bell Joint Leak Clamps Smith-Blair 274 Bell Joint Leak Clamps provide a fast, economical means of sealing or preventing leaks in cast iron bell and spigot caulked or rubber ring joints. The design of the "Kee-Lok"® gaskets and Bell-Spigot rings enables a single clamp to fit both caulked and rubber ring joints on virtually all classes and brands of cast iron or ductile iron pipe with a nominal size. they are also suitable for use on AWWA C-900 PVC pipe (longer bolts are required). "Kee-Lok"® gaskets are available in sizes up to 24" diameter only. (Excluding 14" diameter size.)

When the Bell Joint Leak Clamp is assembled on the pipe bell, the bell ring and spigot ring are connected by bolts, and the gasket is captured in a gasket cavity formed by the spigot ring, pipe spigot, face of the pipe bell and the joint packing material. Tightening the bolts draws the two bell spigot rings toward each other, compacting the rubber gasket against the pipe spigot, face of the pipe bell and joint backing material to form a tight seal.

Advantages of 274 Bell Joint Leak Clamps

The "Kee-Lok®" Gasket

The difficult and often inaccurate task of cutting the gasket in the field is eliminated. There is no need for staples, tongs, tape or other clumsy gadgets to join the gasket ends and hold them in position while assembling the clamp. To install the gasket simply place on pipe and snap ends together. The gasket is supplied with an extension piece which is left in place for use on larger O.D. pipe, and removed for use on smaller O.D. pipe. Bell Joint Leak Clamps in 14", 30" and 36" diameters are available with bias cut gaskets only.

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