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For low flow oil measuring, our Kent / AMCO / Elster positive displacement oil meters are the most suitable device. The ring piston principle offers very high accuracy (within 1%) with a wide flow range. Viscosity and density do not influence the measuring operation and accuracy, this meter is accurate from kerosene to #2, #4, or #6 fuel oil. The round measuring chamber has a flow barrier, even the slightest flow is detected with a spinning star. The ring piston is guided in a circular motion on its central spindle. The outer surface of the oscillating piston rolls around the inside of the measuring chamber. The inside of the piston rolls around the round center guide. This movement creates a change in the volume of the two fluid-containing areas.
(Outside = V - 1; Inside = V - 2). Due to their accuracy and dependability we have customers using these meters on semiprecious oils at a meter cost a fraction of the competition.

The entry port is on the bottom of the measuring chamber and to the left of the flow barrier. The outlet port is on the right side of the barrier. The entering liquid feeds the inside and outside chambers. When both chambers are full, the ring piston moves around and discharges the liquid into the exit port.

Each cycle moves a constant volume from entry to the exit ports. The rotation of the oscillating ring piston's movement is transmitted with a magnetic coupling to the hermetically sealed counter assembly.

The Kent / AMCO / Elster oil meters are available both straight (direct) reading and with pulse contact registers for remote reading, data acquisition or control. They are available in pipe sizes from 1/4" to 2" and flow ranges from .25 gallons per HOUR for the 1/4" to 133 gallons per MINUTE for the 2" size. The meters come complete with couplings or flanges depending on the size ordered. In stock orders are shipped within 24 hours. These meters are accurate within 1%.
1/8 and 1/4 Inch Model 4 and 8 Oil Meters
1/2, 3/4 and 1 Inch Model 15, 20 and 25 Oil Meters
1-1/2 Inch Model 40 and 2 Inch Model 50 Oil Meter
AMCO 15 /  20 25
AMCO 40 / AMCO 50

Please Note: Oil Meters should be sized by the flow rate required, not just the pipe size

Model Number Size and Meter Ends Flow Rate Accuracy Within 1%
AMCO 4 1/8" FNPT .25 - 20.0 GPH (14 GPH Max. Continuous)
AMCO 8 1/4" FNPT 1.0 - 50.0 GPH (35 GPH Max. Continuous)
AMCO 15 1/2" MNPT Couplings 2.6 - 160.0 GPH (105 GPH Max. Continuous)
AMCO 20 3/4" MNPT Couplings 8.0 - 400.0 GPH (265 GPH Max. Continuous)
AMCO 25 1" MNPT Couplings 20.0 - 800.0 GPH (530 GPH Max. Continuous)
AMCO 40 1 1/2" ANSI 150 Flanged 60 - 2400 GPH (1600 GPH Max. Continuous)
AMCO 50 2" ANSI 150 Flanged 200- 8000 GPH (5300 GPH Max. Continuous)

The meters above are also available with a pulse contact switch on the register for remote reading. You have the option of a reed switch pulse output (low speed) or an inductive (high speed) pulser. All counters are sealed against condensation, liquids and dust.

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