Outside Visual Remote (OVR) Meter Reading System for Kent / ABB / AMCO Model C-700 Magnetic Drive, Positive Displacement Water Meters

Sizes: 5/8" - 2"


The Outside Visual Remote Meter Reading System (OVR) consists of a pulse-type generator and remote wall unit. The system is designed to permit visual remote reading of the generator's pulses, each of which is equivalent to a known volume of water. The generator is self powered and is magnetically driven by the piston movements in the meter's measuring chamber. The generator totalizes water throughput and sends pulses to the wall unit via a 2 - conductor wire. The pulses are counted and displayed on the wall unit totalizer for visual reading. 

Compliance to Standards.

The Outside Visual Remote Meter Reading System (OVR) complies with all design, performance and material requirements of the American Water Works Association Standard C706, as most recently revised. 


Place the Potable Cold Water Meter in the service line as recommended by the Installation & Start-up instructions and install the two (2) wire cable and wall unit according to the instructions accompanying the equipment. Test the generator's circuit and remote wiring with a pulse simulator / closed circuit tester. 


The Outside Visual Remote Meter Reading System (OVR) is an option for our C-700 meter. It facilitates visual remote meter reading when applied to meters in basements, crawl spaces, shopping centers, condominiums or industrial plants when lockouts, security, location or similar reasons disallow regular direct meter reading. Accuracy tests of our water meter and the Remote Meter Reading System are made before shipment. Should further accuracy tests be required by the utility, a test circle and test hand are provided on the generator's dial. Follow the test procedures of AWWA Manual M6. 

Generator Specifications

Size  5/8" - 1"  1 1/2" - 2"
1 Rev Test Hand
US Gallons  10 
Cubic Feet 1/10 
Cubic Meters 1/10  1/10* 
Imperial Gallons  10 
Totalizer Capacity 
US Gallons (millions) 10  100 
Cubic Feet (millions) 1 10 
M3 Cubic Meters (millions) 1/10  1/10 
Imperial Gallons (millions)  10  100 
Units per Pulse
US Gallons  100  1000 
Cubic Feet 10  100 
Cubic Meters 1 1** 
Imperial Gallons  100 10000 
* 2" - 1/100 cubic M, 
** 2" - 10 cubic M
Fixed Zeros on Generator
US Gallons  None 
Cubic Feet None  None 
Cubic Meters None  None 
Imperial Gallons  None 
Generator Type  Permanently sealed pulse type assembly
Technical Data 
Pulse Amplitude 8 Volts DC Off Load Min.
Pulse Duration  15 Milliseconds Off Load Min. 
Cable Connection  2 Knurled Nut Terminals 
Generator Can  90% Copper Alloy 
Generator Lens Cover  Polycarbonate 
Terminal Cover  Polyphenylene Oxide 
Terminal Nuts  Brass 
Generator Housing  Synthetic Polymer or Bronze 

                              Model Numbers and Sizes
Model Number:
Add -01 for US Gallons -02 for cubic ft -03 for cubic meter registrations
Meter Size
KM0625OVR 5/8" x 1/2" for 1/2" lines - Threaded Ends for Couplings with Male NPT
KM075OVR 5/8" x 3/4" for 3/4" lines - Threaded Ends for Couplings with Male NPT
KM100OVR 1" Size for 1" lines - Threaded Ends for Couplings
KM150OVR 1-1/2" Size for 1-1/2" lines - Oval Flanged Ends
KM200OVR 2" for 2" lines - Oval Flanged Ends

click here for a printable spec. sheet   (PDF, 144kb)

remote meter installation instructions
(PDF, 72kb)

Specs on the C700 meters

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