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Installed cost is
less than below
ground concrete vault!

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HydroCowl enclosures are designed to freeze protect water systems in -30F climates with a heat source and withstand up to 130 mph wind gusts. All units have an insulated, hinged drain for water discharge. All units are designed for key-lock security from vandals. The removable panel locks are all keyed alike for multiple enclosure installations. The standard material is 18 guage mil-finish aluminum (also available in colors) with optional materials, stainless steel and galvanized steel.

Model Series 100 and 200:

Recommended Concrete Pad Dimensions
Model # B.F.P. Size Inside Width Inside Length Inside Height Ship Weight Width Length
100S-AL .25" - 1" 7" 32" 22" 26 lbs. 18" 43"
200S-AL 1.25"-2" 14" 43" 29" 44 lbs. 26" 55


Models 100S-AL and 200S-AL are one piece, "lift-off" design enclosures for 1" and 2" plumbing systems. A mounting bracket is anchored to the concrete pad which fits within the inside width of the enclosure. The enclosure is secured by insertion of a stainless steel pin through the enclosure and mounting bracket. The pin receives a pad lock on one end.

Model Series 300, 400 and 600:

Model No. Inside Dimensions Recommended Concrete Pad Dimensions Ship Weight
300-AL 22"Wx72"Lx38"H 36"Wx86"Lx6"Thick 168
300S-AL 22"Wx85"Lx38"H 36"Wx99"Lx6"Thick 186
300T-AL 22"Wx72"Lx50"H 36"Wx86"Lx6"Thick 210
300TS-AL 22"Wx85"Lx50"H 36"Wx99"Lx6"Thick 236
400-AL 26"Wx86"Lx44"H 40"Wx100"Lx6"Thick 211
400S-AL 26"Wx102"Lx44"H 40"Wx116"Lx6"Thick 241
400T-AL 26"Wx86"Lx54"H 40"Wx100"Lx6"Thick 219
400TS-AL 26"Wx102"Lx54"H 40"Wx116"Lx6"Thick 254
600-AL 36"Wx100"Lx56"H 50"Wx114"Lx6"Thick 364
600S-AL 38"Wx120"Lx56"H 50"Wx134"Lx6"Thick 434
600T-AL 36"Wx100"Lx64"H 50"Wx114"Lx6"Thick 424
600TS-AL 38"Wx120"Lx64"H 50"Wx134"Lx6"Thick 524
Model series 300 through 1000 are panel design enclosures. The enclosures are fabricated as composite panels of insulation, metal skin, and structural members. All of the panels easily interconnect to form an extremely strong enclosure with no open seams.

Model Series 800 and 1000:

Model 800S Picture

We build custom
enclosures to your

Model No. Inside Dimensions Recommended Concrete Pad Dimensions Shipping Weight
800-AL 38"Wx118"Lx56"H 52"Wx132"Lx6"Thick 406
800S-AL 38"Wx144"Lx56"H 52"Wx158"Lx6"Thick 486
800T-AL 38"Wx118"Lx56"H 52"Wx132"Lx6"Thick 496
800TS-AL 38"Wx144"Lx80"H 36"Wx158"Lx6"Thick 596
1000-AL 40"Wx144"Lx78"H 60"Wx158"Lx6"Thick 532
1000S-AL 40"Wx174"Lx78"H 60"Wx194"Lx6"Thick 632
1000T-AL 40"Wx144"Lx90"H 60"Wx158"Lx6"Thick 588
1000TS-AL 40"Wx174"Lx90"H 60"Wx194"Lx6"Thick 708

Models 300LU880-AL Through 1000TLU880-AL

HydroCowl's new "Lift-Up" roof enclosure is designed for compact backflow prevention installations such as Febco's "N-Shape" and Watts 773 and 993. Enclosure features removable panels and a hinged roof for maximum access to test costs and check valve flanges.

800TLU Photo

Professional engineers
and CAD Technicians
on staff to
support design.

Model No. Inside Dimensions Recommended Concrete Pad Dimensions Ship Wt.
300LU880 28"Wx32"Lx42"H 42"Wx46"Lx6"Thick 114
300TLU880 32"Wx32"Lx42"H 46"Wx46"Lx6"Thick 130
400LU880 32"Wx36"Lx44"H 46"Wx50"Lx6"Thick 153
400TLU880 36"Wx36"Lx44"H 50"Wx50"Lx6"Thick 172
600LU880 36"Wx38"Lx48"H 50"Wx52"Lx6"Thick 195
600TLU880 44"Wx38"Lx48"H 58"Wx52"Lx6"Thick 212
800TLU880 44"Wx44"Lx52"H 58"Wx58"Lx6"Thick 218
800TLU880 54"Wx44"Lx52"H 68"Wx58"Lx6"Thick 245
1000LU880 48"Wx48"Lx56"H 62"Wx62"Lx6"Thick 280
1000TLU880 64"Wx48"Lx56"H 78"Wx62"Lx6"Thick 397


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