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Ductile Iron Pipe, Valves, Mechanical Joint & Flanged Fittings, Fire Hydrants
Fabricated, Flanged or Grooved Ductile Iron Pipe, Gates Valves, Check Valves, Butterfly Valves, Uni-Flanges, Hydrant Garden Hose Adaptors and Wrenches

Grooved and Threaded Steel Pipe, Grooved Pipe and Fittings, CPVC Fire Sprinkler Pipe and Fittings , Threaded Fittings, Flange Pipe Adaptors  24 Hour Service on Fabricated Pipe, Grooved Couplings, Caps, Mechanical Tees

Fire Sprinkler Heads, Check Valves, Fire Sprinkler Valves, Alarm Valves, Controls, Butterball Valves, OS&Y Gate Valves, Detector Checks, Deluge Valves,Accessories All Major Brands of Fire Sprinkler Equipment Carried in Stock at Competitive Prices

Water Meters, Backflow Preventers
Same Day Shipping on all types of water meters and Febco backflow preventers up to 8" In Stock
  www.watermeters.com / www.water-meters.com / www.backflows.com

Piping Accessories: Stainless Steel Pipe Repair Clamps, Compression Style Epoxy Coated Smith-Blair Pipe Couplings, Adams Clamps, Stainless Steel Tapping Sleeves, Pipe Saddles, Rodding and Clamping Items, Bolts, Nuts, Gaskets, Eye Bolts, Duc-Lugs, Retaining Clamps, Mechanical Joint Solid Sleeves and Fittings

Pipe: Locators, Cutters, Threaders, Groovers, Tappers, Shut Off Tools, Valve Keys, Hydrant Wrenches, Pipe Wrenches, Flaring Tools, Pipe Freezers, Curb Stop Keys

Roadway Valve Boxes, Repaving Risers, Nu-Hite Valve Box Adaptors, Curb Boxes

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